Sale of house after completly reconstruction a guest house with 12 accomodation Prague 4

Code: SBO

Address:Boleslavova Prague 4
Floor space:809 sq.m
Total space:904 sq.m
Built-up area:230 sq.m
Pletgeable area:383 sq.m
Available from:immediately
Price for sq.m:111 000 CZK
Price:90 000 000 CZK
Price EUR:3 600 000 EUR

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House after complete reconstruction (currently underway) with 15 apartments of which 4 studios 1x 3KK, 1x 1 + 1, 2x 2kk 8 apartments of which 6x 2kk and 2x 3kk, and 3 duplex apartments 2kk and one 3kk. The existing plot area is 383 square meters built-up area of 230 square meters consists of basement 218 square meters plus courtyard 66 square meters, two floors - 1 floor with an area of 227.59 square meters, area of 227.59 square meters total area of three floors is 673.26 square meters and unused land area of 230 square meters, total usable area 803,33m2. The house is located in a quiet one-way street with parks around. You can also buy a neighboring plot and thus increase the area

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