Sale of land preserved castle near the town of Zbiroh the Pilsen region

Code: ZVIK

Address:castle Zvíkovec Zbiroh
Total space:22734 sq.m
Bathroom:shower bath
Available from:available naw
Price for sq.m:540 CZK
Price:7 000 000 CZK
Price EUR:436 636 EUR

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The castle is situated near town Zbiroh.Gardens and parks belong to them.It is well looked and it comes from 17th century.Zvíkovec Castle is located near the town of Pilsen in Zbiroh. Maintained lock of parks and gardens in the past served as a childrens home. Built-up area: 864 m2 and 2367 m2, 199 m2 and 1609 m2 gardens and other greenery 16,660 m2 History: The first mention of the village and later a fortress is from the 1229th The fortress belonged to noblemen Zvíkovským. In 30 years of war, was burnt by the Swedes. Rod Broumy of Miřetice gave Zvíkovec in 17 century. repair and 1753 gave to the fortress of Mrs. Francis Rabenhauptová dry build-storey baroque zámek. Other owner Earl Hartman Prokop from Karlštejn gave in 1794 to increase the lock on the second floor of the building and gave the classical character. Furthermore, the various owners. The ancestors of the present owners purchased it in 1930. In 1948 they were taken away and put to use the Social Care Institute for Youth. In 1973 he was severely parked service building, which concluded the whole court and created the current terrace. The castle and the whole lot is a protected monument.

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